Types of therapy

Integrative Therapy This is a combined approach, bringing together elements of different therapies and tailoring them to suit your specific needs and preferences. You might want hypnotherapy, counselling, CBT or psychotherapy – or a combination of these. Together we can design a programme of change to achieve your goals. For a more detailed description of integrative therapy, please click here.

Hypnotherapy  Hypnosis is a natural, deeply relaxed state – a bit like daydreaming or drifting off. Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy which uses this state to help you to relax and focus on the changes you want in your life. It addresses many conditions, particularly those made worse by stress such as panic attacks and phobias. Weight control, smoking cessation and pain management are all suitable for hypnotherapy. If you have problems with eating, a lack of confidence, sleeping or coping with pain you may benefit. Hypnotherapy can also be integrated with other therapies such as CBT, transactional analysis, dream work and inner child therapy. For further information, click here.

Psychotherapy/counselling Talking about an issue can really help you to understand what is holding you back in life. It can be used to find new solutions to old problems. You can examine and change patterns of behaviour which no longer work for you. Talking therapy is a safe place for you to explore your beliefs and values and improve your psychological well-being.

CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps you look at negative thought patterns and behaviours and exploring new, resourceful behaviours to replace old habits. It is highly structured and focusses on making changes to your current patterns to achieve specific goals. CBT is commonly used for anxiety and depression, as well as for treating phobias, problems with food and insomnia.

What happens in a 1:1 consultation? In your first appointment, we’ll discuss the changes you want to achieve and how therapy can help. You can ask any questions you want. We then agree a programme tailored to you and begin making the changes you want in your life on that first visit. The first session is up to 90 minutes. Further sessions last between 50 minutes and an hour.