Hypnosis weight management groups

Make the leap!

Dog leapingFed up of diets? Tired of counting calories?  How about something that goes deeper – and breaking the cycle for ever?

Imagine – no dieting, no counting, no depriving yourself. Instead you could have the freedom, the choice to be the best you can be.

You probably know how to lose weight – in fact, you’ve probably done it before. Maybe more than once… On this new course you’ll learn techniques to motivate you towards a healthier lifestyle. Over 8 weeks using hypnosis, mindfulness, CBT and NLP you’ll discover what’s held you back in the past and how to free yourself from old habits. This is different to other weight loss programmes – it goes deeper into emotional eating,  how to stop self-sabotaging, how to overcome self-doubt and boost self-esteem.

Each group runs for 8 sessions. In addition you will receive hypnotherapy tracks to listen to each day and access to a confidential Facebook support group.

At the end of the course you have the opportunity for a 1:1 virtual gastric band for the special rate of £50.

A testimonial from a client on the last weight loss group:

‘Fantastic experience. Lost weight (11lbs), feel good. My blood pressure normal instead of very high for the first time in 48 years. Doctor delighted.’

This client has continued to lose weight since the course. What have you got to lose?

Evening groups 19:00-20:30

Maximum group number:15

Please call 07780 689 895 to register.

Cost: £20 on the first week then £10 per week with nothing to pay on week 8. Payable in cash at each session.

*Please note that if a group is fully booked or you miss the first session you may have to book onto the start of the next one (call to check). If you have epilepsy, a serious heart condition, are pregnant or have mental health issues please talk to me about it before you book so we can check whether hypnosis is suitable for you. It may not rule you out, but I need to ask you some questions before any session starts.